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ELJAYS44 LTD  is proud to announce the launch of Garden Centre Retail – a new monthly B2B magazine for the garden retail industry, the very first issue of which will have arrived on your desks today.

Aimed at owners, upper management and buyers of garden centres in the UK, Garden Centre Retail aims to share with you insightful, important and interesting information that you can use to better your business and keep on top of what is going on within the industry.

Jim Wilkinson, Managing Director of Eljays44 Ltd said: “we are really excited to add Garden Centre Retail to our ever-growing horticulture portfolio.”

“We deliver actionable, informative and entertaining content to our highly targeted audience. The first issue of Garden Centre Retail has excelled all expectation and the hard work, thousands of miles, meeting lots of the key industry players and visiting numerous garden centres has paid off.”

Jim continued, “We very much hope you enjoy this new, fresh and lively magazine and we look forward to developing it further with your input.”

In the very first big interview, entitled ‘View From The Top’, Garden Centre Retail interviews Julian Winfield, CEO of Haskins, who shares his thoughts on the state of the market for garden retail, as well as what Haskins has got planned for 2014. In the first of 12 instalments, Paul Pleydell of PleydellSmithyman discusses what high street stores are doing in terms of design and layout, and what garden centres can learn from them.

Garden Retail Consultant Kevin Waters gives his opinions on ‘keeping plants in the picture’, and Jane Perrone, The Guardian’s Gardening Editor, discusses monthly trends. There is also a selection of useful and insightful business tips from the likes of Guy Moreton of MorePeople, Simon Quinton Smith of Quinton Edwards, Jeremy Davies of GCS (GB) Ltd, and Keith Bateman of Davidson Richards.

A whole section of Garden Centre Retail is dedicated to what products you should be stocking, if you don’t already. In this, our ‘Product Lines’ section, we aim to share with you information of various products and suppliers – big and small – that inhabit the garden retail marketplace.

Lucy Summers, garden designer and plant lover, shares her advice on how and what to sell to a customer in terms of plants, and with a series of short interviews, Garden Centre Retail takes a look into the various garden centres and their plantareas.

With features, interviews, news updates and more, the content-driven Garden Centre Retail offers a fresh new look at the garden retail industry in a sleek and modern way that we believe will help garden centres across the country strengthen communication and the sharing of information.

With each issue Garden Centre Retail promises new and exciting content that you will look forward to reading and learning from.

The team at Eljays44, as always, are very keen to hear your feedback and initial thoughts on the magazine, as well as any ideas you have for future issues.


Leading Media in the Landscape Industry

Leading Media in the Landscape Industry

Eljays44 has positioned its brands; Pro Landscaper, FutureScape and Landscape Hub, as the leading media in the landscape industry.

The Pro Landscaper group of products have already secured their position within the landscape industry. It has done this by consistently delivering a content driven magazine that aims to deliver actionable and inspirational business information that can help companies within the landscaping sector progress their business. The Pro Landscaper website receives over 60,000 hits a month coming from 20,000 unique users. Over 25 per cent of our web users browse the site for five minutes or more each session. This is testament to the great content the site has to offer with over 200 relevant and interesting news stories going live every month. The site is also full of video content and job opportunities which are a huge pull in enabling us to interact with our readers. The Pro Landscaper App has been Eljays44′s first foray into application development. It now has over 5,000 subscribers and is growing with over 500 new subscribers every month. The App is fully interactive, with videos and links, offering the reader extended coverage of the market.

Like Pro Landscaper, FutureScape has established itself as the leading event within the landscaping industry and the first to deliver an event with positive feedback and feel good factor. This really highlights the opportunity to expand on the success of the 2012 event.
Landscape Hubis the most active social networking website within the landscape industry. It has now grown to over 650 members with a wide range of specialist knowledge. It is a great business resource for the industry.